Club Membership (KPAC)

The Kent Police Archery Club is what is called a “closed club”, which means tht membership is only open only to serving and retired Police Officers, serving and retired members of staff, members of the Special Constabulary, and Police Cadets of Kent Police. It also includes the spouses, dependant children of same, relatives of KPRA members, and KPAC Committee invited individuals. Members of the Metropolitan Police are also permitted to join, provided that they meet the criteria of living in the County of Kent, and can provide a Metpol work email address – they would also be required to take up membership of the Kent Police Recreation Association (KPRA) – (KPRA membership fee data provided on application to the KPAC club Secretary on

Membership categories are: full adult membership, and junior membership (over 10 years and under 18 years of age)

Individuals wishing to apply for membership consideration will be existing archers wishing to transfer AGB clubs, or individuals who are new to archery, and have undergone a beginner’s course with the Kent Police Archery Club (KPAC) and have been passed and certified to the required basic safety standard, and offered a place within the club, or they may be individuals who are already members of the KPAC and are just renewing their annual membership.

If you wish to apply for membership of the KPAC and you meet the above criteria, then please complete and submit the membership application form below – once the form has been submitted, considered, and then if approved, you will then be contacted and advised of the outcome and then if you are a successful applicant you will then be sent a link in order to make the relevant payment due. All of the fees are paid by the new member to the KPAC Club Membership Secretary who then pays all of the various organisations required to be paid a subscription on behalf of that member. All fees paid are non-refundable, however should a member need to transfer to another club only the AGB fees are transferrable.

Outcomes: Acceptance notification for immediate membership of the club – Acceptance notification but placed on a waiting list – Rejection of application ( details will be provided on a right of appeal process)


Membership Application Form

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Under changes to Data Protection Legislation please note: We now require you to give us permission to hold your personal data. This data is held for the sole purpose of club administration, and is required to be completed and submitted to ensure club membership. The information held is subject to data protection and is only released to a third party for the purpose of County, Regional, and National membership qualification and is not released to any other organisation other than those listed above. By completing and submitting this document to the Club Membership Secretary, you are agreeing that your information may be held and transmitted as described above. The data is held for the period of your annual membership, and is destroyed on termination of membership or at any time following a written request by the applicant. By completing, and submitting this application form to the KPAC Club Secretary, you are agreeing to the holding of your details for the period specified.
Club Options
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Payment method - (please tick relevant choice of payment)
Payment for initial Membership or Membership renewal can either be by A "Go Cardless" payment process link which will be sent by email, or it can be by a BACS banking process. If this method is selected then banking details will be sent by email in order for the payment to be made.
By print /signing above, I agree to abide by the Rules and Constitution of the club and those of the National Organisation. (a copy can be requested from club Secretary) I understand that as a member of this club I will undertake: • To assist with maintenance of club facilities and club equipment if required (working party days when required) • To assist with setting up / taking down of equipment, and involvement in any working party needed to take part in club activities and events. ---- Note: The Archery Club Committee reserve the right to terminate the membership of any person(s) found to be in breach of the club rules and constitution. If a junior under 10 years of age - parent or guardian to also print their name in agreement
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