What is a Club Target Day?

So what is a club target day? – well it can mean different things to different clubs, however it is what it means to our club that is the relevant thing. Ever since Archery GB introduced its new Handicap and Classification tables the KPAC has updated its meaning.

AGB as members will now be aware have introduced a Classification system, that introduces 3 category groups, each containing 3 sub categories – Archer Classification: 3rd Class Archer, 2nd Class Archer, and 1st Class Archer. These classifications can be achieved even during archery practice. The next category is Bowman Classification: 3rd Class Bowman, 2nd Class Bowman, 1st Class Bowman. However to achieve Bowman, AGB require a different criteria. The shoot undertaken must be some form of competition, following the AGB Rules of Shooting. There must be multiple archers all shooting the same round. The KPAC take this as any competition having 2 or more archers. KPAC also require the round to be shot on the Kent Police complex, either indoors or outdoors subject to the time of year, and within the indoor or outdoor season timescale. AGB / KPAC also require the score sheet to be signed by both the Archer and the scorer. The scorers name needs to be printed (not just a squiggle that cannot be read) in order that if required it can be verified, for the Club’s Records Officer to accept, confirm, and record the score.

The final Classification category is that of Master Bowman, broken down as Master Bowman, Grand Master Bowman, and Elite Master Bowman. To acquire these classification an archer must take part in the required number of rounds, that are recognised as a Record Status Event – badges for these are only issued by AGB.

The new AGB tables that allow calculation of Handicaps and Classification can be found on the website under the title:- “Archery GB 2023 Handicap and Classification Tables” – These table will provide the archer with the qualifying score, and the number of arrows to be shot, to achieve the relevant classification.