Recommended Reading

Suggested archery books that readers may find of use or just of great interest about our sport………..

If you have any archery books that you can recommend to other archers, please let us know and we will place the information on this page for other archers to access. Please contact us using our website contacts page. Please provide your details and we will publish them as your recommendation.

Archery – The Art of Repetition by Simon Needham – Published by Crowood Press – Recommended by KPAC

Archery – Steps to Success by Kathleen Haywood & Catherine Lewis – Published by Human Kinetics – Recommended by KPAC

Archery Anatomy by Ray Axford – Published by Profile Books – Recommended by KPAC

Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel – Published by Curt Weller, Konstanz Pantheon Books, NY Routledge and Kegan Paul, London – Recommended by KPAC

Agincourt 1415 The Archers Story by Anne Curry – Published by History Press – Recommended by KPAC

The Archery Drill Book by Steve Ruis & Mike Gerard – Published by Human Kinetics – Recommended by KPAC

The Great Warbow from Hastings to the Mary Rose by Matthew Strickland and Robert Hardy – Published by Sutton Publishing -Recommended by KPAC

The Art of StringWalking Barebow Field and 3D Archery by Martin L Godio Published by -Independently Published – Recommended by KPAC

The Archery for Beginners Guidebook by Hannah Bussey, Andy Hood, and Jane Percival – Published by Archery GB – Recommended by KPAC

Arab Archery- An Arabic Manuscript of about AD 1500 Translated and Edited by Nabih Amin Faris and Robert Potter Elmer – Published by Martino Publishing – Recommended by KPAC

The Crooked Stick – A History of the Longbow by Hugh D H Soar – Published by Westholme Publishing – Recommended by KPAC