Indoor & Outdoor Range Attendees

The below list will show the current club member / archer attendees who have booked a boss either for the KPAC outdoor field or the Kent Police Training School indoor firearms range (Winter period – October to March each year only) for archery practice. It will show a list of who is attending the next available date of the activity. It will also highlight if the individual attending is an experienced archer (EA) or other classification for the benefit of new archers needing an EA present. For consideration of the indoor range it also highlights which archer attendees are “keyholders”, and who will be present to permit access to the indoor range. It will also provide our longer standing members an idea of who is shooting generally. However this list will only provide a true picture of who is attending if members book well in advance of their shooting date. This list will not provide advanced information on members who choose to book a boss only on the day they intend to shoot. ALL members shooting either indoors or outdoors are required to book a boss, to indicate attendance for the purpose of insurance cover and complaint matters (should there be any – we hope not!)

It is important that all new club members until cleared by a coach from the Coaching Training Team (CTT) to shoot without an Experienced Archer present may only shoot in the company of such a club archer – a list of experienced archers can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the Book-a-Boss page, and a list can also be found on the club’s notice board in the shed. This information can also be found on its own page, and can be found using the “Search” page.

KEYWORDS – Explanation of abbreviations:- EA = Experienced Archer – PSW = Provisional Subject to Weather – ANEAP = Archer Needing Experienced Archer Present – SANR – Standard Archer No Restrictions – NATC = New Archer Test Check – KH = Keyholder

2024 Season

Saturday 13th April 2024 – 1st Blue Lamp Shoot Tournament – 10:00 hrs –

Archers taking part:- Steve Ridley, Gavin Humphrey, Al Cannon, Chris Catmull, Matt Wright, Sally Wright, Alex Cannon, Steve Kelly, Chris Fleckney

Please note any club members not taking part in the Tournment but wishing to practice their archery may use a second range on the field, but to note that only 2 wheeled layered foam targets are availble to use for this purpose, along with 4 x Egertec straw targets on tripod stands.

Friday 12th April 2024 – Outdoors on Field

Al Cannon (EA) 09:00 hrs (4 Hour slot) – Alex Cannon (EA) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour slot)

Saturday 06th April 2024 – Outdoors on Field

Sally Wright (EA) 09:00 hrs ( 4 Hour slot) – Matt Wright (EA) 09:00 hrs (4 Hour slot) – Al Cannon (EA) 09:00 hrs (8 Hour slot) – Alex Cannon (EA) 09:00 hrs (8 Hour slot) – Steve Kelly (EA) 10:00 hrs (8 Hour slot) – Ian Rudd (EA) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour slot) – Chris Catmull (EA) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour slot) – Sam Catmull (EA) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour Slot) – Colin Tyler (SANR) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour slot) – Nicholas Tyler (ANEAP) 10:00 hrs (4 Hour slot)