Members Progress

Awards – Badges – WA Progress Awards – Workshops Attended

Please find below, Badge, Awards issued, workshops attended, spreadsheet. The initial date displayed under the award type, indicates when the award was achieved. If the block is coloured yellow, it indicates that the award has been achieved but the badge / etc has not yet been issued to the archer. Where an award / badge has been issued to the archer, it will be indicated in orange. If the archer is part of the Coaching Training Team (CTT) coaching scheme, then the awards are also to be signed off in the archer candidate portfolio. If the badge has been issue to this type of member but the portfolio not signed off, the block on the spreadsheed will be marked in red. Blocks marked in black do not apply to the archer.

The Member Progress Spreadsheet is compiled, based on information provided by members to our Golden Records Online system. Manual details, and uploading of a correctly completed scoresheet, will be first checked by the club’s Records Officer, and when approved as in order, will be fully integrated into the system, and then be able to be viewed by the member. Due to this format being in place, there may be a slight delay in details being entered and published on the Member Progress Spreadsheet. However if members feel that they have an entry missing from the sheet, please advise the club Secretary. Badges and awards first issued to members are provided free of charge. However if a replacement is needed then these can be acquired, but at a small covering charge.