AGB Members Portal

The below link will take you directly to the Archery GB (AGB) Website and to the home page of an area called “Members Portal”. The members portal is managed by Sport 80 on behalf of AGB. It groups all of the data together for every archery club that falls under the umbrella of AGB. The relevant club information is accessible to that particular Club Secretary to enable them to manage club business with AGB. However the system also allows each individaul member to be able to access the portal themselves, to see and edit their own personal profile as well as being able to book onto various courses and external shoots around the UK should they wish to. Members are always requested directly after membership renewal to go onto the portal and to check that their personal details have been entered correctly onto the system, and to further ensure that any changes in personal information is updated as soon as possible. The portal will ask you to sign in providing your email address and password that you have created. If you have not registered previously you may also create an account on the portal home page…….. Please click on the link below. › members-portal